Once your account creation is complete, you can begin setting up your channel. Your channel is the means through which you will communicate with your audience, and how they will get in touch with you.

Hover your cursor over your profile icon and you will be presented with a dropdown box. Select Create a Channel

Name your channel and upload a logo. The logo is what your users will see on their app homescreen when they open Conexie.

Assign the relevant admins to the account. These are people who will be able to manage the reports and respond to queries. You can add as many as you need, depending on your account type. If you add an email/user that isn't registered on Conexie, they will be sent an invite to download the app and join so they may participate in the conversations. 

Hit Next, if you haven't yet selected your account package you will be prompted to do so in the next step, otherwise you are finished setting up your channel and you are ready to start building branches.

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