Adding a Conexie code to your channel enables a few things. It allows your channel to remain exclusive to your intended audience (for example the tenants of a unit, house or building), and it also grants immediate access to your channel (without the need to search for your account) by anyone that enters it. 

Advising your clients, patrons, tenants, and customers of your Conexie code can be achieved over a number of ways. It may be an email, a flyer, a Facebook link or a text. It will ultimately result in your user being granted instant connection to your channel.

To set up a Conexie code access to your channel, select your channel (or sub-channel if necessary).Click on View from the node on LEVEL 1 then click on EDIT next to Visibility Access. Select Add Condition, then click on the drop down and select Enable Conexie Code, type in your desired Conexie Code and then click Save.

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Click here to see how an user can gain access through a Conexie code!

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