Once you have added your house or strata building (in literally a few taps), you can then start to report any rental or strata issues you have, directly to your property manager or strata agent. You can manage the submission through to its end to ensure it is resolved efficiently and to your satisfaction. No more annoying emails and lengthy delays in having your problems fixed!

To begin, open Conexie on your smartphone and tap the 'plus' icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

Tap Home or Strata, depending on which type you are adding. Either drop the location pin on the next screen or type in your address manually, then tap Next then Lets do this! and get started!

You will be guided through a short questionnaire that will allow you to specify the details of your property. The more specific you are in the information you provide, the more accurate your reports will be when you submit one. Also provide the name and email of your property manager so they can be notified that they will now be receiving your rental communications through Conexie. 

Add all the relevant details and tap through to the end.

Tap Submit, and you are ready to go!

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