The people who you want to notify of your queries don't necessarily need to be on Conexie yet. In fact, including them on your reports will prompt them to download and install Conexie and begin making submissions of their own.

To add someone to a submission, all you need to do is tap through to the submit screen and scroll down to the recipients tab. Select their Role first, then enter their email address and hit Done on the keyboard.

An email will be sent to the person you have added letting them know they have been included in the report, and will give them a link to download the app if they haven't done so already.

Similarly, you can add people to reports post-submission. It must be a report that you have submitted yourself, or that you are a recipient of already. To do this, go to your Submissions screen.

You will find a list of your submissions and also reports that you are following. Tap through to the relevant one, and go to the Recipients & Messaging tab. There will be an option at the bottom of the screen to Add a Recipient. Type in their email address, enter their Role and hit Submit.

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