1. Do I need to continue using a code word every time a submit a report in a precinct that asks for a Conexie Code?

Not at all! Conexie automatically saves the code word into your account so that whenever you want to click into the precinct to report a problem, it will detect the saved code word and allow you access.

2. Can I favourite a precinct so I can access it directly from the home screen?

Yes, when you search for a precinct you will notice the grey star next to the account name. Press on the star to highlight it yellow and that precinct will now be accessible from the Conexie main page whenever you open the app.

3. If there is a Conexie Code or email suffix for a particular location, how do I get access?

It depends on how that location chooses to disclose that information. Whether it’s by email, posters, or some other form, its the choice of the people in charge of the location.

4. How can I report public problems?

Conexie detects your location and will display the relevant Council area on the main screen. Simply tap into the Council tab and report the problem like any other problem on Conexie!

5. What if i report a problem that someone has already reported?

If two or more people report the same problem, then the problem’s urgency level will increase and it will receive more attention, thus resulting in a faster resolution.

6. If I just want to make a submission, do I need to pay or subscribe to Conexie?

Not at all! Anyone can report any problems without using a single cent! However, we do require the management of the precinct to subscribe to Conexie to start having reported problems to be actioned on.

7. Do I need to physically be at a location to make a submission for that site?

No, as long as you know the location of the problem you can report it from anywhere. However, if you wish to add a photo to the report, you would have to take the picture at the location where the issue is and then either post it while you are there or post it later using the address (if known).

8. Where can I use Conexie?

Even though our maps are powered by google meaning they can recognize any address in the world, the Conexie app is only effective in locations that have an account with Conexie.

9. What happens if the precinct I am reporting the problem to isn't listed on Conexie?

If the precinct is not listed on Conexie, you will be asked a series of questions that best describes the precinct. This would build out an initial reporting structure for that precinct. Conexie management will then contact the precinct’s facilities management promptly to on-board the precinct to ensure that you can enjoy our fast and efficient problem reporting platform.

10. How much does Conexie cost?

Excluding customer service add-ons, Conexie costs $50 a month for businesses, $150 a month for real estate property managers plus $1.70 a month per property, and $350 a month for local governments, cities, and councils.

11. Who is Conexie for?

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to use Conexie. Whether you are a civilian, a business,a university, a government council, or even a property manager, Conexie has options for all.

12. How long does it take for a problem to get fixed?

It depends on the severity of the problem and the person who is responsible for fixing it. It varies from case to case.

13. Does Conexie fix problems?

No, we don’t actually do the fixing, we facilitate the fixing quickly and efficiently.

14. Is anything more required of me once I submit a report?

No, once you submit the report it’s entirely in our hands and the location’s hands to get the problem fixed. On occasion we may ask you to provide more information or detail surrounding the problem, but that’s the most we will ask of you.

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