Administration for Emergency Hub works much the same as all other features of Conexie. 

The account structure is as follows:

  1. Emergency Hub - Admin (this is Emergency Hub)

  2. Emergency Hub - Provider (this is a training company)

  3. Emergency Hub - Trainees (this is a building)

Emergency Hub - Admin can appoint any Emergency Hub - Provider who can then fulfil their role as trainers to their various clients.

To appoint a provider:

  1. Login to the Emergency Hub - Admin account here

  2. If it isn't already, select Emergency Hub - Admin from the dropdown 

  3. Once selected, you will see a dropdown menu for Emergency Hub Management

  4. Select: Licensees 

  5. Enter the name of the account you will add as a provider of the Emergency Hub capability. Please Note: If this isn't made yet then make that account and continue from step 5

  6. The account will be added immediately, any user who has access to the added account will see the Emergency Hub menu when they next log in.

To appoint a trainee:

  1. Login to your Emergency Hub - Provider account (see above)

  2. You will see a dropdown menu titled: Emergency Hub with an option for Active Channels

  3. On this page, you simply need to add the channel you want to add the Emergency Hub capability to. Please note: If this channel is not yet made, you will need to make it, then return to continue from this step

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