In the way that you can use the branches from other accounts to populate your own workflow, you can share branches that you create to simplify the workflows of others!

To do this, once you have created a branch that you would like to make shareable, click view and then directly below this, Share and invite. You are presented with three options - Make Private, Make Public, and Access Allow

Make Private keeps the access to this option strictly to your account.

Make Public allows anyone to view and add this branch. If you select this option, another user can add your branch to their account and depending on the setting they choose at their end (detach or remain attached) their workflow may also populate with the changes that you make to yours. 

Access Allow gives you the option to be specific in which accounts can add your shared branches. you may have multiple accounts that your workflow will be applicable for, or even just know of other Conexie users that could benefit from what you have built. 

Choose what option is relevant to you (Conexie will automatically save that setting for you), and close the text box.

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