Understanding how Conexie works begins with understanding how the web page interacts with the app.

Building and adding options in the channel workflow section on the webpage will result in pre-determined structures that users will be able to select when they are trying to tell you something using the app. This process is instant.

For example if your business is a cafe and you want to allow your customers to report a maintenance issue, your workflow may look something like this:



Each level consists of individual options that have been added, that will allow a patron of the cafe to open Conexie on their phone, find the Cafe and tap through the steps and send you a report that there is an issue with the pipes under a sink in the female bathrooms. You can make your structure as specific or as generic as you like, however the more specific you are in your option creation, the more detail you will receive in the report on the back end. Instead of being told there is a leaky toilet, you will be presented with:

Inside cafe > ground level > female bathroom > sink 2 > exposed pipe > leaking

Your user will have options to take photos of the leak and also provide you with more detailed information and an exact location, that will all be included in your report.

But Conexie doesn't stop here! You can use Conexie's powerful content management system to create a forum for people who have never met to engage on a singular topic, or connect an individual user to a business that they have just frequented to register some feedback. 

You as the admin to your account have the power to identify who is included on receiving the communications, the levels of communication between the customer, the account owners, and any other people who are relevant to the topic.

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