Conexie is an app that allows you several avenues to connect with other people. You can utilise these channels to ask a business a question, offer them feedback on a recent experience, or even report a maintenance issue that needs attending. 

You can do all of these things from the home screen of the app. Conexie will help you set up and save your favourite accounts (like your house or strata building), or places you frequent (like your school, university or gym). You can still connect with anyone though, by searching the account on this Conexie screen

On the top tab, you have two options, Search channels and Near me now (Location pin icon).

Search for the account you are looking for, or select near me now to find the venue or business if you are currently in the vicinity of it. 

Once you have found the business you would like to engage with, select it, and press any of the tabs. Choose the manner in which you would like to engage (send a maintenance report, give them some feedback, make a general inquiry, etc.), and then follow the prompts until your communication is complete.

You can add pictures to compliment your conversation, add to your description and also add additional recipients to the submission. Once you are happy with the information you have provided, press Submit and wait for your observations to be acknowledged. 

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