In the process of building your workflow you have the ability to limit the accessibility and privacy of your account using access words, email or email suffixes, and email groups.

Determining on the level at which you would like the access to be granted will depend on where you edit the visibility. Adding an accessibility option at the base level will mean only the people you grant access to can view your account workflow on the app.

To edit this option, choose the branch at which you would like access to become limited, select view.

Next to Visibility / Access, select Edit. Here you can choose how you would like to determine the privacy level. An access word is something that is easily shared and therefore is used for accounts that need a high level of visibility but still should be limited to a strict set of people, for example a strata account or tenanted building.

Decide the manner in which you would like your privacy set, and choose it in the drop down box. Enter your access word and select save. If you're uploading an email group you will be presented with a dropdown list where you can select a pre-loaded group. 

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