When you add an option to Conexie you have the ability to then be able to share it with other Conexie accounts.

For Example: Jack has a business selling washing machines and Jill manages the Conexie account for a school. Jack shares the reporting option with Jill's account. Now anyone can report a problem and when they do, it will go to both Jack and Jill. Jill can also build out her workflow with the options that Jack has already created, saving her from re-doing work that has already been done!

Shared Branch Options:

  • Share and detach

  • Share and remain attached

Share and detach means the shared branch will append to the new host and will then detach from the parent. This means no updates will be passed onto the shared branch if they're made on the original.

Share and remain attached means the shared branch will append to the new host however it will update when a change is made on the original. The new host can add their own info and more options and these changes will remain on the shared branch.

To do this, select Manage your Channel (under the Manage your Channel dropdown box). Select the branch where you would like to add a shared option, select view. Choose Add an option to (account). Of the two tabs you are presented with in the option box, select Shared Branches.

If you know the branch you are looking for you can search it in the search bar at the top. Otherwise, tap through the already built Conexie branches to find the one you are looking for. Once you have found the appropriate one, select Add branch. You will be given the option to add and detach it from the original, or to leave attached.

As detailed above, detaching it means if any changes are made to the parent branch, they wont be updated through your branches. Whereas if you leave it attached a change on the parent will populate wherever the shared branch has been added. You can make localised changes or additions to the branch to make it more applicable to your account once it has been added, without affecting the original. 

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