Your ability to add recipients and recipient groups to your channel will depend on your account subscription. The Starter account has limited access, however, you still have the ability to add individual emails to branches in your channel. For example, you are able to specify the issues related to problems listed under a bathroom branch to seperate people. They are then sent to the building manager and also the plumber, while issues related to lights and electricity are reported to the electrician.

To do this, log into your Conexie web account and select which channel you would like to edit the recipients of. Select Manage your Channel under the Manage your Channel tab. 

You can add a contact person or people at any level of your workflow. Simply select the option at which you would like somebody to be notified of the report and click on View, then select Edit under Contact Person and add the relevant emails. In the image below, adding a contact person at the first option will notify the nominated contact if anything underneath this level is reported. The user also has an option to add other recipients on the app, additional to the ones that you nominate.

For a ManagePro account and above, you have the ability to add large groups as recipients and import contacts from your email. (For example; tenant or strata groups). To do this, hover your mouse over the Engage your Audience dropdown box and select Manage recipient Groups.

Select + Add a New Group, and you are presented with the options to manually add individuals, or to follow the prompts and import larger groups from your email.

Once these groups have been created and added, you are able to add them at branch levels in the same way like the example before. Groups can be removed by simply selecting the relevant line and then selecting Delete.

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