There are many reasons why people love using Conexie: its ease of use, the manner in which it makes simple and brilliant connections between individuals, its adaptability and synchronicity to established systems, and so much more. 

For any individual with a smartphone and at the tap of a few buttons, this app can be downloaded from the App store and be used immediately. 

However, for a business, landlord, school or council area (to name a few), the process requires a little more attention. 

This is simple enough, but this help centre is here to guide you through the activity of customising Conexie so you are able to maximise its awesome power.

There are a few things to note right from the get go:

  • This is the Conexie Help Centre. We aim to answer any questions you might have in this domain. If there is something you need to know that isn't covered, don't hesitate to contact Conexie and your query will be followed up speedily. You can also join a community of users who may be able to provide guidance and advice that is beneficial to your situation.

  • There are three types of Conexie channels. You can find more information on what channel you need to use and correspondingly, which account is right for your individual situation in the Features of your account help centre.

  • Conexie uses another language. Don't stress, its easy enough to learn. But understanding the terms that Conexie uses in building its powerful web structure will ensure you get the maximum benefit from its use. You will probably pick most of it up as you go along, but if you'd prefer the longer list of basic definitions visit the Conexie glossary.

Understanding how Conexie works begins with understanding how the web page interacts with the app. Building an organised and applicable workflow that is unique to your business means that when a customer or client is using your service and need to tell or ask you something important, you give or receive the most accurate and relevant information available to you at the time. 

The information provided in this Help Centre will give you the knowledge you need to get the most out of Conexie.

Time to build some channels, let's get started! 

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